Multi-Room Audio

Looking for music around your home?  We can install and configure systems that can control music players in each room and independent volume control using mobile devices or a touch panel

We can supply and install a range of systems from simple wireless audio systems to wired multi point audio systems, all controlled from a single remote,  mobile device, eg: Android/iPhone/ Tablets to play music in any room within your home or office.

From the multi room music system, you can access over 25,000 internet radio stations comprising all types of genres and tastes.  What’s more, You can even stream form a stored device or services such as Spotify, Deezer, Amazon and many more to play your favourite tunes.

Multi-Room Video

Do you want to recall HD sources in different rooms?

Have you got more than one screen that you want to be able to make the most of and get HD from multiple sources such as (Sky HD / Virgin Media/ Apple TV/  or Games consoles) to any TV around your property? Your Sky box can be centrally located and distributed to all TVs in your home in full HD, you can access your CCTV, CDs Blu-rays, & DVDs in an instant using movie servers. We can supply and install all equipment needed to get your desired amount of source(s) on the desired amount of screen(s) all in crystal clear HD.