Our Approach to Design & Specification

Home entertainment / automation system requires careful design to ensure the compatibility that system integrates harmoniously within your home so that you enjoy the full benefit of every individual element. Everything should work together perfectly to create an experience that would not be possible any other way.

We will carry out a review and analysis of existing documentation such as Architectural drawings, Engineering Plans, Electrical layout, lighting design etc. According to the design brief we will prepare extensive and detailed design documentation such as,
˃   Project Specifications
˃   Cable Schedule
˃  Wiring Schematics
˃   First fix Enclosure Details
˃   Cabling Structure
˃   Equipment Rack Details
˃   Final Fix Equipment Dimensions
AVhomesUK uses bundled cables whenever possible to limit the number of runs required and also to make the final configuration easier due to less individual wires to sort through.
The package will also contain general technical documentation relating to wiring standards and other data to ensure all contactors install equipment exactly how it was intended and also system meets the current needs and allow for expansion in the future to a standard deserving of a quality home.