avhomesuk specialises in the design and installation of the very latest in audio visual technologies from leading manufacturers The key to all projects we design is ease of use, where everything can be activated from a simple user interface. No matter the prices or the scale of projects and big or small we will go through each and every item installed by the engineer and ensure all are installed professionally and work to the manufacturer’s specification.

The completion work includes system calibration, optimisation as well as an in-depth tutorial on the operation of your new system. Once all the installation is completed and leave the premises we will make sure all our client can use all equipment without having to read any instruction manuals.

Also pride ourselves in quality of service and ensuring that every AV system we supply offers the functionality you would expect in a way that is both easy to use and understand. Besides ensuring that systems are running as designed, our on-site team can assist with system training and on-going scheduled maintenance.

Finally sit back relax & enjoy the latest automation & entertainment system.